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UPVC Door Lock Repair

Lincs Locks offer a specialist UPVC door and window lock repair and emergency opening service in Boston and the surrounding areas.

We hold in stock many multi point locking systems that are now discontinued or very difficult to locate, we also stock a range of replacement handles and all required cylinders in a huge variety of sizes and security ratings, including Anti-snap cylinders. 

We would advise that should you be experiencing any of the following problems, that you contact us for specialist advice as these faults could be the cause of a future lock failure, resulting in both inconvenience and costly repairs: door difficult to lock/unlock loose/worn/tatty handles door binding on frame door dropped parts loose or falling off key cannot be removed from lock in correct position 

To the top-right is a recent UPVC door repair that we carried out. A lady had damaged her brand new pvc door, taking a chunk of the brown coating back to the white plastic underneath which whilst not structural didn't look very nice. We carried out a specialist cosmetic repair leaving the damage virtually unnoticeable afterwards. One very happy customer.

UPVC window handle

UPVC window handle replacement

Emergency door repair

UPVC Door repair following damage 

UPVC door repair

Defective UPVC door repaired.

Key repairs

Key Repairs for UPVC Doors

Handle repairs

Repairs to UPVC Door Handles

Handle droop repairs

Handle Droop Repairs

Door Repair Videos

UPVC door problems - the turned cam syndrome explained. A common fault.
UPVC door - a common weakness. Easily rectified with an anti-snap cylinder.
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